Ethiopia Worka

Ethiopia Worka

Region || Yirgacheffe

Variety || Heirloom

Elevation || 2100 masl

Process || Natural


Picture this: you toss a couple blueberry pop-tarts in the toaster and wait for them to heat up. You can imagine the smell, right?


Open a bag of the Ethiopia Worka, and you'll get the same experience -- a distinct baked blueberry smell. I'm sure you're already sold at this point.


Right off the brew, of course a prominent blueberry note is present. The texture of this coffee has a creamy smoothness, reminiscent of vanilla and butterscotch. On the back end of the palette, we taste a florality that reminds us of perfume. The body of this coffee is light with very minimal acidity. We also found that the flavors fully develop a week or so after its roast date.


We brew this in house on the V60, but feel free to try this coffee on various brewing methods at home, it won't disappoint.




Barista Notes:


If you are brewing this on V60, we recommend shooting for a brew time of 2:30-2:45. Don't let this coffee linger too long in the coffee bed -- it will diminish much of the brighter notes that are needed in this coffee. This coffee is light-bodied and needs that berry punch.