Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Region || Yirgacheffe

Variety || Heirloom

Elevation || 2000-2200 masl

Process || Anaerobic Natural


This is our second year sourcing from Worka Sakaro. This coffee is an experimental processing method -- anaerobic natural. 'Anaerobic' indicates the coffee cherries were stored in bags without oxygen for a few hours during fermentation, then laid out on raised-bed patios to completely dry before being hulled.


This coffee is very bright -- fruit-forward notes are distinct. We taste green apple, red sangria, and cherry. Similar to many natural processed coffees, the Worka has low acidity. The body is light and the tactile is semi-dry, but smooth and silky.


We are brewing this on chemex, as it brings out the fruitiness and florality. We recommend using strictly methods that highlight the coffee's clarity since it lacks body.