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Kenya Kainamui AB
  • Kenya Kainamui AB

    Region || Ngariama, Gichugu, Kirinyaga

    Variety || SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru

    Elevation || 1740 masl

    Process || Washed



    For background, this coffee was used as a component in our holiday blend -- Jolly Juice. At the cupping table, we were intrigued by this coffee's well-balanced aspects. We knew this could also be a great single origin, so we purchased enough to use down the road after the holiday season.


    Flavor Notes:

    This coffee has stone fruit and sugar characteristics that resemble a lot of Kenyan coffees. At the cupping table, we taste notes of darker stone fruits, think tamarind and raisin. A brown sugar sweetness is prominent throughout, and, as the coffee cools, the flavors will taste sweeter. An earthiness is also distinct, with notes of lemongrass and chocolate that come through.


    Unlike most Kenyans, however, the body of this coffee is much lighter than expected. It acts a little more like an Ethiopian coffee in that the body is soft and delicate.


    Barista notes:

    Any type of pourover method works well for this coffee. As this coffee acts a little more like a light Ethiopian coffee, this one doesn't do as well on full immersion methods. We recommend maximizing as much clarity in the cup as possible.


    Since this coffee can have a tendency to feel watery at times, it is optimal to extract a little more acidity. For that, we recommend a 1:15 ratio to maximize its flavor potential.


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