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est. February 15th, 2019

Rewind – the coffee shop, a haven for all. From the business intelligentsia to the eccentric creatives, this coveted space has been a catalyst for productivity over the past few centuries.

In 2019, we made it our mission to do just that – provide productivity and life to our community through means of great coffee at our coffee house.


Providing an elevated product and experience is difficult, particularly in the coffee world, as cafes can easily look like “gimmicks”, blurring the representation of what coffee should and can be. What was seen on the surface of our coffee company’s inception only came about through a carefully-crafted journey – occurrences with the correct mentalities that had to mesh near perfectly in order for Canvas to come to fruition…


An entrepreneur and artist eager to depart from the conventional, ready to explore the unknown. Waiting patiently through college, consuming the appropriate information to harness an enterprising acumen, this force was unhinged once it took flight.

A scientist with shades of creativity and artistry ready to bud at any moment. Unsure of the future, yet desperate to showcase the potential for something extraordinary. Torn between the conventional and unconventional, this force devoted energy tapping into more of its creative genius.

These forces first met at a coffee shop in 2018 – the former, Daniel, and the latter, Alex. We ultimately wanted to create something inspiring for the community. With both forces in
collaboration, we were presented a blank slate – a fresh start to a new opportunity. ‘Canvas’ was born.


Fast forward – over the next four years, we cultivated and developed a community in Hampton Roads who continuously seek specialty coffee. We never want to isolate anyone who tastes our coffee; therefore, we view it simply as ‘super tasty coffee’ – a new(ish) representation for those who don’t realize that coffee doesn’t need to be jazzed up with cream, sugar, and other additives. We keep it simple, and let the bean speak for itself.


We started our roasting endeavor after the coffee house was created. Roasting propelled the idea of Canvas to the next level – the product itself was a microcosm of a blank slate – with correct farming conditions, environmental and roasting forces, and ‘experts’ to draw out its characteristics, the quality coffee bean can be quite tasty, creating a positive feedback loop by inspiring its predecessors to follow in similar fashion.

Roasting became a necessity once the pandemic occurred in 2020. The representation of a coffee shop was unfortunately scarred by this occurrence. We recognize this shift and are
excited for this new chapter for our company in the industry.


*Our silver lining – If we had not pivoted to roasting just prior to the pandemic, Canvas would not exist today. We are blessed and thankful to be where we are today.


Through our essence, we hope to instill a refreshed mentality – settling for ‘good enough’ is never enough and we display that in everything we do. Indeed, every coffee we source is carefully considered. We want to showcase great coffee in a humble manner, so that even a coffee novice will be intrigued in the idea of Canvas.

Pivoting to mainly an online presence, we value community, and great coffee is meant to be shared! For that, our call to action is this – if you enjoy our coffee, buy coffee with the intention to also share it. Whether this entails inviting a friend over for a cup of coffee or gifting a bag of one of our blends or single origins, we want everyone to enjoy Canvas.


At Canvas Coffee Roasters, we set our sights into the beyond – the infinite is our canvas, and we want you to be a part of it. We aren’t just selling a product, rather a lifestyle that you can
incorporate in your daily ritual. We are pushing the boundary of the fundamental idea of coffee. In the past, you needed a coffee house to fuel your productive energy. We are encouraging you to sit back and drink coffee wherever. Enjoy good coffee at home, at work, or on an adventure. Cheers!

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