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The House

Our brick and mortar café nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Port Warwick.



Artists are building the backdrop of our community. For that, we collaborated with a local artist named Dathan Kane in early 2022. His current collection "Back Together Again" was thoughtfully curated to fit our space, and we are excited to showcase his work at the House.


Dathan's work has given new life to our space. His art perfectly compliments our aesthetic and has created "moments" within the café to sit back and reflect. Featured is a three-piece set.


About DKane

Dathan (a.k.a. DKane) is a contemporary artist born in Hampton, VA.

His focus is emphasizing subject matter with fields of black. He uses black and white imagery to emphasize a bold statement on the choices we make, whether conventional or unconventional. (-Adapted from his website:

His show "Seeing Shapes" at the Contemporary Arts Network in Newport News solidified our interest in a collaboration with Dathan. We are super thankful for him!

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