Coffee 1 || Colombia Jerico

Coffee 2 || Ethiopia Shakiso

Ratio || 3:1

Elevation || 1800-2200 masl

Process || Washed

Espresso preparation || 19 grams — 47 grams; 27-29 seconds


Abstraction espresso blend is designed to create a well-balanced espresso shot — a creamy, milk chocolate base with fruity, citric, and slightly jammy undertones. Abstraction pairs excellent with milk, creating a harmonious blend with all of our milk-based espresso bevs.


Abstraction, in its general sense, is a conceptual process that gives freedom from specific, representational qualities from an object (think of abstract art on a canvas). Artists can remove, or abstract, certain elements to create a simplified form, encouraging the observer to not fixate on the actual object in mind, rather elicit a certain feeling/emotion while viewing the object. The purpose of our espresso blend — Abstraction — is to encourage the customer to not fixate on the specific nuances in the espresso beverage, rather take in the drink/experience at Canvas in a holistic manner.




Barista notes:


We have found that this blend is particularly great if it is extracted slightly longer than slightly shorter -- err on the side of more time rather than less. For instance, if the shots pull at 29, 30 or even 31 seconds, this creates a much more preferred shot than if it is pulled at only 24 or 25 seconds. I find that our espresso when paired with milk has a malty smoothness that tastes like melted ice cream.


Lastly, feel free to play around with the ratios and/or extraction times. If you find that different parameters work well, let us know -- we love learning too!