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The Nomad
  • The Nomad

    Coffee 1 || Peru Lima

    Coffee 2 || Ethiopia Refisa

    Ratio || 1:1

    Elevation || 1650 - 2050 masl

    Process || Washed + Natural



    Our goal for this blend was to create a coffee that does well in both hot and cold brewing methods. We knew that a balance of flavors will maximize the sensory experience for both a hot coffee and a cold brew. For that, we sourced origins with contrasting profiles — Latin American coffees tend to elicit deep cocoa and nutty flavor profiles, whereas African coffees tend to present fruitier aspects. We were confident that a natural coffee would bring out the fruitiness that is enjoyable as a cold brew, and we finally came across the Ethiopia Refisa. Likewise, we balanced these bright, fruity aspects with a well-rounded, chocolate-forward Latin American bean, arriving at the Peru Lima. These two beans as a 50% / 50% (or 1:1) blend, resulted in a balanced, tasty coffee.

    The Nomad is our best-seller and a stellar blend that excels in all brewing methods. It works well through espresso, filter coffee, and steeped through the French press and cold brew vessels.


    We taste semisweet chocolate, light tropical fruit, and orange zest.


    Cold brew preparation:

    -80 grams coarse grind

    -500 mL cold water

    -Steep 19 hours

    -Filter out / remove grinds

    -Cut with water (1:1 ratio)

    -Add ice & enjoy


    Flash brew preparation:

    -120 grams ice in a Chemex/V60

    -30 grams medium-coarse grind

    -300 grams water at 200F

    -Finish brew ~3 minutes

    -Pour into 16oz cup, add ice to top & enjoy



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