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First Flight

First Flight

Coffee 1 || Colombia Jerico

Coffee 2 || Guatemala Huehuetenango

Ratio || 1:1

Elevation || 1600-2000 masl

Process || Washed


Just as the fledgling leaves its nest, signifying its first flight, our First Flight marks the beginning of our roasting journey. We wanted this flagship blend to cater to all coffee drinkers, from the novice to the snob.


In terms of coffee taste, two main schools of thought exist -- traditional & nostalgia verus modern & adventurous. We knew that our first blend needed to highlight both extremes.


The Colombia provides a nostalgic feel to the coffee -- right off the brew, a dark cocoa and nutty creaminess comes through, catering to the coffee drinker that typically enjoys darker coffees. As this blend cools, the Guatemala allows for soft citrus and light floral notes to develop, representing the more modern, adventurous side to specialty coffee. The transformation of these flavor notes creates a complex cup that is versatile for home use. We have tested this coffee through various brew methods, and we have determined that it is especially excellent through automatic drip, French press, and V60.




Barista notes:


This blend is our 'bridge coffee' -- it is a great blend for someone who knows absolutely nothing about specialty coffee. If someone asks about a dark roast, give them First Flight. If someone is gifting a coffee bag to their friend and unsure what they like, give them First Flight. If someone is super confused about flavor profiles, give them First Flight. You really can't go wrong with this blend, and this helps introduce basic fundamentals of specialty coffee. (See the above description.)




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